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L’iluy nishmas- In Memory

For centuries, Jews have commemorated the passing of a loved one with the study of Mishnayos, the traditional medium of Iluy Neshama (elevation of the soul). The word Mishnah and the word Neshama are composed of identical letters in different orders, hinting at the connection between Limud Mishnayos and Iluy Neshama.

Mishnah Arucha can arrange Mishnayos study in memory of your loved one in time for Shloshim—30 days after the passing of the individual; upon completion of the mourning period; or for a Yahrtzeit, the Hebrew date of passing.

Simcha – Joyous Occasion

Mazel Tov upon reaching this milestone! Whether your joyous occasion is a wedding, anniversary, bar mitzvah, engagement, or birth, there is no better way to express your Simcha, gratitude, and hope for the future than the support of Torah study. Mishnah Arucha’s Mishnayos study programs offer you the opportunity to sustain the merit of this special occasion for many years to come.

Bakasha – Specific Request

Although many Segulos have been suggested for a variety of personal requests, the Torah itself teaches that no Zechus can compare to the merit of Torah study. Through Mishnah Arucha, you can gain the inestimable merit of Limud Mishnayos as a Zechus for continued good health; children; Shidduchim; Parnassah; a successful marriage; or any other personal request that you may have. By utilizing Mishnah Arucha’s programs, you can rest assured that you have put forth your very best efforts in striving to attain the Bracha you seek.