Mishnah Arucha: Your premier Mishnayos study service. The next best thing to learning it yourself.

About Us

Mishnah Arucha is an organization that connects sponsors with dedicated Torah scholars who are available to study Mishnayos for any occasion, whether in memory of a loved one, as a merit for a particular request, or in honor of a happy occasion.

Mishnah Arucha can arrange for the study of Mishnayos to be completed by the date of your choice, from a few Masechtos up to the entire Shisha Sidrei Mishnah. Our group of dedicated Talmidei Chachamim will comprehensively study the sections of Mishnayos you choose to sponsor, saying each word exclusively in the merit of the person you specify.

By using Mishnah Arucha’s services, you benefit from the incredible Zechus of Torah study, while resting assured that your entire tax deductible fee goes directly to support the accomplished Torah scholars who participate in this meaningful program.